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Jill Pranger, ACFRE, on the Culture of Philanthropy
“Understanding your personal philosophy about raising charitable gifts is critical to establishing a culture of philanthropy in your organization.”

Fundraising Fundraising strategies, tools and training

Our Most Valuable it money?  Is it time?  Is it volunteers?  Are we interacting with and showing gratitude to that Most Valuable Asset?  Read more to learn a few quick tips that make everyone happier, more motivated, and more appreciated!

Whether you're looking for campaign counsel, a feasibility study, improvements to your annual giving program, or an inspiring speaker for your next meeting, Pranger Philanthropic can help.

With three decades' experience as a consultant and trainer to the not-for-profit sector, Jill A. Pranger, President, understands your unique challenges. Pranger Philanthropic offers strategies, tools, and training to improve fundraising results and achieve your goals.

Pranger Philanthropic can review your current program and goals, recommend and implement enhancements, develop new initiatives, and work with staff, professional leadership, and volunteers to be more involved in the fundraising process—resulting in more money raised and organizations better able to fulfill their missions.

Pranger Philanthropic